Wednesday, May 13, 2015

What are some support groups or organizations available to veterans suffering from PTSD?

Beyond treatments, it is essential that veterans are provided with various support groups, organizations, and funds. Fortunately, there are many different support groups, organizations, and foundations solely for veterans and veterans with PTSD.

The Battle Buddy Foundation

The Battle Buddy Foundation accepts donations and partners with other organizations to provide service dogs to qualifying veterans. The goal of this foundation is to allow wounded veterans, physically and/or mentally, to presume a normal life and adapt to the civilian world (TBBF 2015).

Stop Soldier Suicide

Stop Soldier Suicide is another organization established by a veteran. The organization does not claim to be a team of medical professionals but rather a bridge to help service members get help. They are made up of veterans and active duty service men and women. They connect with the service member, they assess and triage, and then they help transition and follow up. The service member can either contact them through their Facebook page, partner organizations, or their 24/7 Resource Center. They then talk with the person and assess their individual needs and the severity of those needs. They will connect them to the proper resource to get them the right help that is best suited for them. Additionally, if they are in crisis and do not want to contact the VA crisis hotline, they will connect them with a VA counselor and stay on the phone with them while they get help. They follow up with people who reached out to them for up to 2 years depending on the severity of the person's needs and the help they received (Stop Soldier Suicide 2014). 


#22KILL is a nonprofit Honor Courage Commitment, Inc. campaign that advocates for the prevention of suicide. They provide people with the VA crisis hotline, as well as Team #22KILL. Team #22KILL is made up of 1,150 active duty men and women, reservists, and veterans who provide their contact information for people in need. Anyone can access their contact information and call them to simply talk, vent, seek guidance, or ask advice. Additionally, they host events, fundraisers, and more. They are commonly recognized for their #22KILL rings that people wear to support those who serve or have served for our country.


Although these may not be considered treatments, they are benefits to service men and women. These are organizations, foundations, and campaigns that support the battles service members face and to help them live a normal and enjoyable life, free of fear. 

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